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"The brand whore that always gives you more"

Erica Chanel is the “Dancing Diva” from flips to splits, she always slays the stage. Having perforformed for crowds of 40,000 at state pride festivals, high energy performance is what you're going to get! She will leave you wanting more. Truly an unforgettable experience.“Erica may be generic, but Chanel is brand name”. She Currently holds the titles of Miss Diamond Glam International Jr Newcomer and Miss Cabaret Fresh Face. Erica is currently signed to The Vanity House Inc. Management.

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Bad Wear Day Online

"Funny story, I didn’t wanna do drag. All my friends were like “do drag” but at the time I was like no no not me. They ended up convincing me to do a talent show at South 29"...Read More

Gaye Magazine

"...then when I started to do drag my mom absolutely loved it. She was like 'oh let's go pick out wigs now', and my dad absolutely hated it, he did not understand it, he..." Read More

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